Slavka**: Pink traces | New York City, US of A

Yellow and pink confetti litter the streets on January 1, following New Year Eve's celebrations. By Monday, they would all be gone, restoring the pavement to its habitual greyness.

End-the-Fed stencil, following last fall's Occupy Wall Street in Manhattan's Financial District. The pink paint is a reminder of the road works and construction undergone by the neighborhood last summer. Both will be gone before too long.

**This is part of a week-long series of photographs sent in by friends standing on, over or above exciting places and grounds around the world**

For auld lang syne | Kuwait

Happy New Year!

Last night, I exchanged text messages and phone calls with friends who were marking the beginning of the New Year in different time zones, starting several hours before I rang it in at midnight and lasting well into the night afterward. I entertained myself by thinking that I was receiving messages from the future (from those to the East of me, where 2011 had already began) and then, after midnight, that I was sending words from the future into the past (to friends in Bulgaria, Slovenia, England and New York, where it was still 2010, while I had already entered not just a new year but a whole new decade). It’s funny how technicalities, such as different time zones, can become so invested with meaning and, as an extension, sentiment. Speaking of technicalities, in this case the rotation of the earth, and sentiments, I was also reminded of this.