Nature: In the woods is perpetual youth | Trška Gora, Slovenia

As a self-confessed urban addict, I usually never feel the need to get out of the city and spend time in nature. But I have to admit that – to my surprise, I’ve enjoyed the last two-odd weeks of greenery overload in the hills around Krško.

My eyes got so used to seeing green hills, trees and grass everywhere, all the time, that when I went to Ljubljana for the afternoon before I flew back to Sofia, it felt strange to be surrounded by buildings and to walk on concrete.

I always thought that spending time in nature would leave me bored and with nothing to do, but the documentary filmmaking workshop I attended in Trška Gora was nothing if not busy and exciting. And, somehow, it managed to combine all the benefits of summer camp (being in nature, tasty meals three times a day, sleeping in tents, a constant supply of people to hang out with) with all the advantages of adulthood (freedom to do whatever I pleased with my time).

I especially enjoyed eating tomatoes off the stem; reading in the grass, filming in the grass, sleeping in the grass; having breakfast, lunch and dinner outside; observing horses roaming around; watching films in the open air; napping in the hammock; hearing the late-night sound of crickets and seeing the early-morning fog in the surrounding hills. Just so you don’t think I became a total hippie, I’ll have you know that I kept my walking barefoot to a minimum*, only sat in a circle while somebody played the guitar twice and tried to take a shower at least once every few days.

When we left the camp, the only thing testifying for the past two weeks were the dozens of squares in the grass – discolored and dry, where the tents had stood.

Anyways, presently, in addition to withdrawal symptoms from not being able to constantly hang out with Tina, Nina and a few others, which were somewhat expected, I am also experiencing anxiety from my separation with nature, which comes as a surprise. So, I’m now re-training my eyes to get used to the urbanscape visible from my house and my feet to walk on concrete again.

*And yes, maybe I did bring too many pairs of shoes on this trip.