Hopeless romantics | Paris, France

Oh, Paris! The city of light, love, romance, art, culture, effortless chic, charming cafés, cute Parisians, cool bistros, and…

… upon close inspection, pavements covered in discarded gum.

To my great disappointment, it turns out this is the prevalent feature of all Parisian sidewalks.

The sight of them – chewed up, discarded and subsequently flattened by thousands of feet, forever glued to virtually every walkable surface around the city, gives a certain appeal to Singapore’s ban on chewing gum that previously seemed quite preposterous.

Paris predictably takes a less dictatorial and decidedly more poetic approach, although its effectiveness seems questionable, at best. Public service posters around the metro discourage the unsightly disposal of gum through a tongue-in-cheek poem, titled “Crazy Love”, which roughly translates to this: “Chewing gums are great romantics | Their artichoke hearts get quickly attached | But are rarely loved in return | They desperately seek great love | But the promise of it | Is right there in the corridors of the trash.”