Trains, planes and buses | France-Germany-Bulgaria

… this week, instead of a Wordless Wednesday, I give you a Wednesday, spent on a really long trip.

It started at the Train Station in Montpellier. From there, I took two trains that took me to…

… the Mareseille Airport. From there, I took a flight to Munich, but – because there were thunderstorms there…

… it lander in Nuremberg instead. From there, a bus took us to…

… the airport in Munich, but by the time I got there, I had missed my connecting flight and there were no more flights going anywhere. So, I had to spend the night at the airport, before I could catch the next morning’s flight. So, I did.

And finally, more than 24 hours after the trip began, I made it home to Sofia!

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When it rains, it pours | Bodrum, Turkey

Lately, it seems that every time as I leave some place where the weather has been nothing but wonderful throughout my stay, the skies suddenly open up and all the rain and gloom that have been collecting in them during my cloudless sojourn pour out precisely as I make my way to the airport (cases in point: Barcelona in early September and now, Bodrum).

This definitely makes for a dramatic departure and adds nostalgia to the already melancholy feeling that leaving brings with it, but also – adding insult to injury on a more practical level, it means that I am stuck in damp clothes for the much of the trip that follows. But, as we all know, there is nothing like pretzeling yourself around a public toilet hand-dryer to make you forget your sadness.

In between | Istanbul, Turkey

As September turned into October, in the span of 20 hours, I traveled from the East to the West and then back to the East: across seasons, months, continents and languages. Flew over Sofia twice. Passed through Istanbul once. Waited and exited. Waited and entered. And now I am here.

In transit, again | Sofia, Munich, Vienna, Bratislava

Sofia Airport

Munich Airport

Vienna Airport

Turns out airport floors don’t offer much in terms of exciting surfaces to take pictures of. What they do offer is made even less exciting by me being rushed and using my phone, but in this case aesthetics fell victim to the need to simply document.

I’m well aware that setting foot in different cities’ airports hardly constitutes visiting those cities/countries. But the sucker in me (same one who this summer crossed over the border from Slovenia and entered Italy and Croatia, for 15 minutes and one hour respectively, just because I could) is quite proud of having set foot in four countries in the course of six hours. Admittedly though, the whole EU/Schengen thing doesn’t exactly make the crossing of borders spectacular anymore. And thank god for that!


Be that as it may, I’m now in Bratislava, which I’ve never been to before. Also, I keep calling Slovakia Slovenia by mistake. I guess all that coming and going there this summer wasn’t for nothing.

In transit | Munich, Germany

I’m usually not crazy about spending time at airports between flights, but it could sometimes be all right, especially if two conditions are met. Namely: a. if the day of the trip wasn’t preceded by a long sleepless night and b. if the airport is nice.

So, today I was in luck. Last night, I went to bed at a decent hour and this morning, I didn’t have to get up too early. Plus, the Munich Airport would be my top choice (and, apparently, that of millions of others) to spend a long layover.

Today, the six-hours of aimless strolling around, window-shopping and gawking at fellow passengers were interspersed with several coffee breaks, lunch, an impulse buy, two snacks and even a 15-minute massage. And, of course, taking pictures of the ground beneath my feet.

I also had time to think about the trip that is just ending and lessons learned from it that will, without a doubt, prove to be extremely useful in the future. In no particular order they are as follows:

Overrated: sleeping in your own bed, in sheets and with a pillow, or for that matter in a room with less than 50 other people
Underrated: several glasses of wine in the evening, earplugs for the night and coffee in the morning

Overrated: good weather at the seaside
Underrated: the fun things that can be done if it rains during a holiday on the beach (see this)

Overrated: well-watered, living plants at home
Underrated: spontaneously picking up my bags and getting an unexpected second chance to see and hang out with cool kids

Overrated: national borders
Underrated: crossing them just to have a special soup and some delicious cookies served with your coffee

There are other things, too, but I am now too tired from all the fun I had in Munich to list them.