Itchy feet: Wanderlust wishlist

I have kept an ever-growing mental wish list of places I’d like to see for the better part of my life. I’ve been lucky in that I have gotten the chance to visit (and in some cases live in) many of them – New York, Bhutan, Berlin, Cuba, London, Istanbul and Ireland.

Unfortunately the idea for this blog came relatively late, but that’s the good thing about wish lists – they continue to grow and just as some places are checked off, others get added. Since I started the blog, I’ve had the chance to check off a few more of the places on my on-going wish list and write about them here (Sarajevo, Barcelona, Budapest), but I also discovered some unexpected gems in places I had no previous interest in visiting whatsoever, like Slovenia and India. An unexpected delight was finding this photo from Nepal, taken years before I even conceived of The ground beneath my feet and yet fitting here so perfectly.

I have now converted my mental wish list into a written one and, as I continue with this blog, I hope that I can keep taking off and adding more cities and countries to the list.

Lisbon | Stockholm | Buenos Aires | Sarajevo | Copenhagen | Rio de Janeiro | New Caledonia | Morocco | Vama Veche, Romania | Croatia: Dubrovnik and Zagreb? | Barcelona | New Orleans (as part of a road trip across the US) | Budapest | Edinburgh | Iran | Tokyo and Kyoto | Réunion Island

I’m also hoping to be able to go back to places I love but haven’t been back to since I started this blog, such as:

New York | Berlin | Istanbul | Bhutan | Balchik, Bulgaria | Madrid | Paris (preferably in the spring)

5 thoughts on “Itchy feet: Wanderlust wishlist

  1. In Croatia, a MUST SEE is Plitvicka Jezera National Park!! I went around the end of May first half of June, absolutely stunning.

  2. Really nice and interesting blog. …Iran…yes, a dream to visit…I lived in Azerbaijan and loved it there. I think you’d like Oman – and fall in love with the desert there, or in Jordan, or desert anywhere. Sarajevo…mon amour, definitely. The Croatian coast, most sensual, bare among nature like everyone. Buenos Aires…yes, wonderful – in fact South America is very special. And in Bulgaria I really liked Gabrovo very much, and other places. Clever/nice photos!

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