The skies above my head

Believe it or not, I don’t actually spend my entire time looking down at the ground beneath my feet. Occasionally, I also look up. And I mean really up. Lately, I found myself craning my neck more than usual, attracted by celestial delights high above. Here is a selection, which will be updated continuously, of photographs that capture skies, roofs and tops of buildings. For everything in between them and the ground, I’m afraid, you might have to look elsewhere.

Quintessential New York City | New York, USA

Eagles in the sky | Sofia, Bulgaria

Clash of civilizations | Sofia, Bulgaria

Under a constant gaze | Sofia, Bulgaria

On the first day of April, it snowed all day and then, in the evening the sky looked like this | Sofia, Bulgaria

My room with a view | Sofia, Bulgaria

L’heure bleue | Sofia, Bulgaria

Something old, something new, something borrowed (accidentally captured plane), something blue | Marseille, France

Rooftops | Montpellier, France

Setting sun and street light at dusk | Montpellier, France

Winter trees | Montpellier, France

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