CBB*: monday afternoon | mali vrh, slovenia

Below is the latest guest post by one of the fine2meline, as part of our Cross Balkan Blogging project*. Enjoy!

it is, in fact, really ok to live partly in ljubljana and the rest of the time on mali vrh. after work, terrace time spend here is great. and the garden, and the company and ….

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CBB*: isolacinema 7 | Izola, Slovenia

I was sad to miss this year’s edition of Kino Otok/Isola Cinema film festival on Slovenia’s Adriatic Coast. Happily, one of the fine2meline was there again and brought back some memories from last September, as part of our Cross Balkan Blogging Project.* (Coincidentally, in the last couple of days, I have been constantly reminded of Izola, where I was for last year’s Kino Otok, as I am now at another film festival taking place on the coast of another sea. But more on that coming up later.)

from 8th till 12th of june -isolacinema- film festival was the place to be.

here we were drawing an animation. it was a part of the film workshop.

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CBB*: from hungary to italy

If you’ve been missing the twins from fine2meline like I have, you’ll be happy to see we now have a new guest post, complete with three beautiful photos from them, as part of our on-going Cross Balkan Blogging project.* In this latest installment, in addition to what we already knew – that the twins are constant travelers, great cooks,  inspiring seamstresses and wizards both in front and behind the camera, we find out that they are also avid climbers!

If this weren’t enough, the three of us have a surprise in store for the month May, so try to contain your enthusiasm and stay tuned….

post-workshop relaxing: square in budapest.

first time climbing outdoor: napoleonica, italy.

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CBB*: friday after lunch walk with a friend | ljubljana, slovenia

A new post and two beautiful photos from the fine2meline, as part of our on-going Cross Balkan Blogging project*. My latest guest posts, both from India, are here – on drinking Bulgarian wine, and here – on a typical Tamil breakfast. Happy viewing!

on this nice day in ljubljana, a friend
invited us for a lunch. very good pumpkin soup
followed by rice and salad. all really healthy and tasty.
and as she is living next to the pond,
we made a little walk after.

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CBB*: all “equal”, some different | mali vrh and ljubljana, slovenia

The fine 2 Melinas and I have been a little sparse with our Cross Balkan Blogging* posts lately, but I am happy to report that a new one just reached me from Slovenia. As usual, it has some beautiful, and subtly funny photos, as well as a commentary that I bet a few of us out there can relate to. I know I do.

My latest post, on an entirely different topic, is also up. Enjoy!

looking at this photo, we come back to the theme that is around us a lot these days. we called it  “the martians, pretending to belong to this world”. trying to fit in somehow, in general, but not managing good. it happened often lately. when searching for a job, listening to the people on the street, reading about things around, … what the hell? are people serious by saying this? they mean it? how can it be, that the major opinion and the values are so different? when observing a bit how things work, how people function with each other … you really ask yourself who is crazy here: the ones that are prepared to take the job where not wearing jeans is more important then your skills and where blond girls named petra are in a better position or a few who say fuck this and go away. we sure know who is having better chances to get through “normal” life, but for what price? thanks, but no thanks.

The colors in ljubljana, however, were really nice last thursday.

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CBB*: first trams in autumn | zagreb, croatia

Below is the latest guest post by one of the fine2meline, as part of our Cross Balkan Blogging project*. Enjoy the beautiful photos!

being in zagreb on a tuesday afternoon. i really liked the trams. and the leaves.


in front of the museum

tram on the left

waiting for the train home

still waiting

on the way back

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CBB*: sharing the same sea | istria and korčula, croatia

And finally…. the first installment from my favorite twin sisters Tina and Nina (from fine2meline), as part of our Cross Balkan Blogging project*, is here. Enjoy!

this first cross balkan project post from mali vrh will be of course something special. it is that nina and i were in different places these last days. so this post will be done from two parts. but we were sharing the same sea. in a way things are not so far away.

istria. the last few days i spent in istria. in september this part of croatia is really special. not just that most of the tourists are back home (this year it’s a bit different, the season is still on) and the local people can be more relaxed, but also the weather conditions are mostly great. nice temperatures again and friendly. and if you combine this with great culinary offers, then i call this a victory. just on the way home…. no wait …. to go from the beginning, because it is important. on the way there, we always stop at one coffee place (there has to be something really serious not to do so). and not so much for the coffee, though it is good, but for the one cookie they give with it. oh, joy. so good. the cookies, it turned out, are from the little local bakery called “Delicia.” i remember the first time we were at the coffee place and got the coconut version of them cookies. it was immediate addiction. at the time there was no option to buy them. and today….the cookie at the coffee place is with chocolate drops and there is an option to buy all kinds in the factory just few minutes away. so we stopped of course. first in the bakery and then at the coffee place. i went into the bakery to get 1kg and came out with 3. the lady there was so nice, we had a little talk and at the end she gave me one big bag of cookies gratis. and not just this, they were also still too hot to be sealed! and what a smell there was in the bakery….would be great place just to come there to read a book.
the next few days we spent in the little village, some km from the sea. very silent, except of the neighbor, who can’t stop talking.
rest…..a bit of reading next to the sea, driving around with the car and good music. on the way home there was a really good lunch at the local place called “Danijela.” nice istria all together.

korčula. so, while one melina was in istria, the other was exploring the wonders of korčula island, also in croatia. training body by swimming, riding bike, reading books, picking figs, admiring big ship visiting the island and most of all…  cooking. at the end i got a bit ill, which lead to little eariler “coming back to slovenia action,” but didn’t ruin anything. marko … polo … marko …. marko … polo … was the name of the ship that took us there. and he, marko, was born in korčula, but… uuuu i really like purple figs, more then greenish ones ;)

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