If you’re reading this, chances are you want to find out more about this blog and, quite possibly, about the person being held up by the feet that you see in (almost) all the pictures here.

I’m currently based in my home city of Sofia, Bulgaria, but use every chance I get to travel. Luckily, those chances are frequent, largely thanks to the unwavering support of my family, the gracious hospitality of my friends (and their tendency to get married in wonderfully exotic or just plain wonderful places) and the occasional work-related trips.

Some of the things I never seem to get sick of are white t-shirts and grey cardigans, tomato juice and gazpacho, New York City and Berlin, insanely impractical and/or patent leather shoes, new and old maps, speaking with accents, collecting unusual souvenirs, discovering where words come from, learning different languages and alphabets, my love affair with Sofia, being “home” (which, of course, could be – and is – anywhere my heart is), staying in hotels and living out of a suitcase, hanging out by the sea, translating, writing, trying to take better photographs, reading, hearing and telling good stories and eating delicious food.

I am also inexplicably drawn to surfaces that are visually exciting and/or tell an interesting story, and so The ground beneath my feet is an extension of that. Initially, I started this blog as a way to document, reflect on and remember different places from a slightly unusual perspective (or so I thought, but this tendency is apparently little more than a function of my race and gender). Since then, however, the blog has taken on a life of its own. It’s been nothing but unadulterated fun to write and I hope it also succeeds in telling good stories about fascinating places, awesome people and memorable events. An added bonus I didn’t expect when starting this blog, considering its relatively limited format, has been the variety of things that I have been able to write about, including some of my favorites mentioned above. Another lovely and unexpected upshot has been receiving beautiful photographs and stories from inspiring and wonderlustful friends, which I publish under the Ground beneath their feet category and as part of the Cross Balkan Blogging project with my two favorite twins in Slovenia.

I hope that you’ll enjoy it. Thank you for stopping by and see you around (you’ll recognize me as the one who’s always staring down at her feet).