I – FINALLY (yaaaay!) – got to go back to New York and spend several days there this past June, after some significant pining, initially induced by ending up on a New York City street film set on the outskirts of Sofia, followed by photos of actual New York City grounds, sent in by my fortunate friends Silvia and Slavka, who went there in the past year and a general, pretty consistent desire to go there.

In the whirlwind of those precious and way too few and short days (and nights) I spent there, which were packed with running around, hanging out with friends and the festivities around one of the loveliest weddings I’ve ever been to (and the pleasure of seeing a very dear and old friend of mine tie the knot), I – not surprisingly – didn’t have time to go to any of the spots I had on my on-going “places to see and photograph next time I’m in New York” list – like this, this, this and this. So, these are four places that I unfortunately didn’t get to.

But fret not, as other cool grounds were stepped on (and skies were marveled at) and documented. I’m finally getting around to posting them and, as I do, you’ll find links to them below (because of my uptight tendencies, the posts will be dated to the actual time I was there and will therefore disappear in the archives).

In the meantime, here are just a few photos to tide you over.

I just realized that the photos – whether as words or images, are quite illustrative and descriptive of New York as a whole: electric, crossing all kinds of lines, profane, and dreamy. That, of course, is totally intentional, because I’m thoughtful like that. As is having a leaf in three out of the four pictures – just to nicely tie things together, you know.

Anyways, here are the other posts and photos from New York, as they are published, with the latest on top. Enjoy!

Canyon of Heroes

Subway map floating on a NYC sidewalk

Things were different back in 1626

Folly on Foley Square

What’s in a name

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