Blog love: Karolinka in & around Bulgaria

I was thrilled to discover that The ground beneath my feet was recently mentioned in the wonderful blog Karolinka in & around Bulgaria, together with another favorite blog of mine, so I want to say an enormous thanks for the nice words and a big welcome to the many readers who came here via her blog (I hope you stick around!).

Carolyn, who for the purposes of the blog uses her endearing Bulgarian nickname, writes about her life as an American in Sofia and the joys, struggles, surprises and other roller-coaster-kinds of experiences that living here brings with it. I was initially attracted to the blog because of my interest in ex-pat and migration stories – I am always fascinated by foreigners who live in or travel to Sofia and love to hear and collect their stories, impressions and experiences of the city (more on that here). I am continuously impressed with Carolyn’s commitment to learn Bulgarian and make the best out of the years she spends in the country. What has kept me coming back to her blog again and again, though, is the honesty, compassion, humor and goodwill that come through in everything Karolinka writes – whether it is culinary delights or the clash with Bulgaria’s public health care system, but most of all – it is our shared love for Sofia.

So, if you haven’t already, go check it out.


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