Advice to sink in slowly*

*The name of this post and the inspiration behind the image is borrowed from the “advice to sink in slowly” project – an ongoing series of posters, designed by graduates for the purpose of passing on advice and inspiration to first year students. [Note: The advice I am offering above is credited to Theodore Roosevelt, and – although it is slightly too lofty and motivational for my taste, I like the idea and literal image behind it.]

But, to come back to the “advice to sink in slowly” project: Most – if not all, of the quirky, wise, practical, theoretical, humorous, serious, unexpected or common-sense, sometimes conflicting but never patronizing advice that the project offers can – and does – apply to life way beyond one’s first year in university and is worth always keeping in mind. Some of my favorite words to the wise from the project include:

| “Look lively” | “Find your own way” | “Trust your gut instincts” | “Try everything” | “Take time” | “Do what you love” | “Be free” | “Eat breakfast” | “Take more chances” | “Finish what you start” | “Get carried away” | “Take a camera everywhere” | “Collaborate” | “Travel & Network” | “Let go” | “Use your library… you’ll miss it when you leave” | “Don’t be afraid” | “Face your fears, smile and live dangerously” | “Words are not enough” | “Avoid thinking in straight lines” | “Don’t forget to call your mum” |

Besides the sound advice and the inspiring design of the posters, the other great thing about the project is that the posters are normally available for free to all first year students across the UK (although it seems that they have run out of printed posters temporarily). In the meantime, though, you can keep it in mind and let it sink in slowly.

3 thoughts on “Advice to sink in slowly*

  1. LOVE this post. Here’s another one that I live by: “I’d rather regret the things I have done than the things I have not done.” ~Lucille Ball Can you make a poster for that one??

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