Arty farty | Sofia, Bulgaria

I went to an exhibition opening and book launch of my favorite Bulgarian jewelry designer, Nikolay Sardamov, whose work I have adored for many years now (I even mustered up the courage to go and say hello, like a giggling teenager meeting a rockstar).

After spending a few months away from Sofia and the past couple of weeks being mostly cooped up at home, it was nice to see the good old local art and hipster crowds, and some other familiar faces. I was also pleasantly surprised by the exhibition space, located on 13 6ti Septemvri Street, which I’ve always wondered about when passing by it but never knew what it was. It has apparently existed since communist times, when it used to house a state gallery that has since moved to a new location. The black and white checkered floors – which can also be seen at another neighboring gallery on Rakovski Street, give it a slight whiff of the olden days, but they work well together with the large windows and the clean lines of the place to give the space a nice and modern feel. I wonder what they plan to do with it.


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