Blog love: Girl Meets Bulgaria

I recently lent my camera to be used by somebody who really wanted to take pictures but didn’t have one, since I was really busy working and had no time for photographs. (Some saw this as an act of utter stupidity and others – of kind generosity, but the final verdict depends on when and if I get it back.*) In the meantime, I thought my only options were either to post really bad quality photographs taken with my phone (like the last two) or to not post anything at all.

But I have a much better idea now! As I was catching up on my blog reading in the last couple of days, I opened up Girl Meets Bulgaria, a blog I discovered (or rather it discovered me!) almost to the day a year ago and have meant to write about for quite some time here. The latest posts even seem to be calling out my name in particular, with a couple of nice feet-on-the-ground photos, from the Black Sea coast and the tiny town of Koprivshtitsa.

Whitney, the girl meeting Bulgaria, is an American who not long ago came over to live with her new husband in the mountain town of Smolyan in the south of the country. In her blog, she documents the adventures of being in a cross-cultural and bi-national relationship and the transition (and bureaucratic, emotional and logistical ups and downs) of moving from the States to Bulgaria. Lately, she’s been writing about the challenges, joys, surprises, disappointments, fascinations and new discoveries that come with adjusting to life in Bulgaria, and her impending return to the States for the spring and summer. She’ll be back in the fall though!

As somebody who has lived in and traveled to many places, I am always interested in the experiences of others who are doing that. At the same time, as a Bulgarian “local” (and I use the term local in a loose sense here), I love hearing, reading and collecting the stories, experiences and impressions of people who are either traveling through or have come to live in this country. I like reading Whitney’s blog because, although I am closely familiar with life in the States and in Bulgaria in general, her particular experiences are sharply different from my own and would be completely out of my reach if she weren’t writing it. Case in point: she used to work in a national park in Alaska and now she lives in the lovely and mysterious Rodopi Mountains! With all things considered, these are two experiences I am very unlikely to have in my own life, although you never know. Also unlike me, Whitney is always in full and constant possession of her camera: she takes a lot of photographs that are a joy to look at – not just because they are beautiful, but also because they often capture an unusual perspective into what – to me – are very usual Bulgarian sights.

But enough from me, go check out Whitney’s lovely blog for yourselves and say hello!

***All of the photographs – apart from the opening one – were taken by Whitney.***

*Update: Just got my camera back, so all is good with the world and yes, I turn out to be kind and generous and not utterly foolish, as suspected.


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