Northbound | Barcelona, Spain

In just four days, I passed through Barcelona’s Estacio Nord bus station no less than three times. The usually boring lingering and waiting around that automatically comes with being at such places of transit, where you are either waiting to get somewhere or are just passing through upon arrival was unexpectedly pleasant, as the station’s grounds are filled with ornamentation – from the mosaic with the giant sun, surrounded by tiny moon phases, in the central lobby, the sole brass letter N (no S, E or W) – both indicating the direction of North and the name of the station, to the hilariously (and perplexedly) labelled trash can in the loo (featured in this week’s Wordless Wednesday post).

For me, the Nord station also had the additional charm of being located within easy walking distance (or a cheap cab ride, as the case may be) from the flat of my dear, endlessly hospitable and gracious friends Slavka and Mina, which has lately become my home away from my home away from home.


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