Street art @ Saint Roch Square | Montpellier, France

Those painted concrete posts, used to obstruct the passage of cars bollards on Saint Roch Square were one of the first things I saw in Montpellier that I wanted to photograph and put on this blog. They used to be much brighter a couple of years ago, apparently, though I kind of like their current faded colors.

I am a big fan of street art, especially the kind that injects some color into otherwise drab and grey city environments and/or transforms purely utilitarian and mundane urban structures into ornamental and whimsical objects. Even the unattractive word ‘bollard’ is given a slightly more appealing ring to it by the application of a little bit of color and creativity, no?

This reminds me of this, also in France, and – in a less direct way, of the transformation of the Soviet Army monument in Sofia this past summer.


2 thoughts on “Street art @ Saint Roch Square | Montpellier, France

    • Thanks for the comment and the link – the picture you took is beautiful! Your comment cracked me up – I guess, to answer your question, it could give a whole new meaning to the expression “bite my ass”? :)

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