Wishful thinking: Dressed up potholes | Paris, France

I just came across (via my friends at Trendland) this set of pictures* from the Nid de Poule (Pothole) project, although it looks like it took place in 2009 and must be long gone by now. In it, Juliana Santacruz Herrera filled potholes along Paris’s sidewalks with vibrantly dyed and braided long pieces of fabric that she coiled into the breaks. These street interventions, as she calls them, not only provide an entertaining and colorful contrast to the city’s gray pavements, but also make for a humorous and eye-catching method of dealing – albeit temporarily, with a problem that many big cities face.

Sofia may lack the sparkle of large cosmopolitan cities, but it suffers no shortage of potholes (more on that here). I’m thinking they could use some colorful decoration while the municipality takes its time getting them fixed. Wishful thinking, indeed….

*All photographs: © juliana santacruz herrera

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