The ground beneath his feet | Lisbon, Portugal

Remember Tiago – my Brazilian friend, the contagious enthusiast, the tireless dancer and musician, the modern nomad and the ceaseless charmer? He also turns out to be quite the perceptive photographer. Just as I was starting to really miss him (and trying to hold him up to his promise to come back to Sofia in April – in print for those of you who speak Bulgarian), he sent me several beautiful pictures of the ground (and in one case, the sea) beneath his feet taken in Lisbon. (Hi, Tiago!)

This post also goes in the “wishful thinking” category, as Lisbon is in the top of my wish list of places I’d like to visit (another one being Stockholm). The complete, ever-changing list is here.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner | Sofia, Bulgaria

I got my first pair of dancing shoes today. They have head-spinningly-high heels and change my usually slouchy and fidgety posture to that of a dancer ready to spin at less than a moment’s notice. Just kidding! (Well, sort of.)

Also, they – my new shoes, were made in Russia. The only things between me and the time I get to use them are:

–    two loads of laundry;
–    the packing of one suitcase;
–    two flights.

I hope nobody steps on my toes (a danger the woman at the store warned me about).

Here’s to traveling and many more pairs of dancing shoes!!!

CBB*: from hungary to italy

If you’ve been missing the twins from fine2meline like I have, you’ll be happy to see we now have a new guest post, complete with three beautiful photos from them, as part of our on-going Cross Balkan Blogging project.* In this latest installment, in addition to what we already knew – that the twins are constant travelers, great cooks,  inspiring seamstresses and wizards both in front and behind the camera, we find out that they are also avid climbers!

If this weren’t enough, the three of us have a surprise in store for the month May, so try to contain your enthusiasm and stay tuned….

post-workshop relaxing: square in budapest.

first time climbing outdoor: napoleonica, italy.

* More about the Cross Balkan Blogging project and all posts from it.