The winter of my [dis]content | Kuwait and Sofia, Bulgaria

In the span of 24 hours, I went from this:

To this:

And, yes, there is something more disturbing about those two pictures than my unfortunate choice in footwear in the second one (to my defence, it was a lapse in judgement caused by the rush with which I ran out, to buy some bare necessities after coming home to a fridge whose only content was a half-full milk carton with milk that had gone very, very bad in the two months I wasn’t here): What’s more unfortunate, in case you’re missing the point, is that I went from +25 °C to – 5 °C. So, please stop staring at my ugly boots.

The 30-degree difference in temperature didn’t make my coming back to Sofia any easier or less sad than it already is. Besides the standard drop in spirits that usually accompanies coming back from a long trip, I miss the sun and the sea, I miss my mom and my dog, I miss my old high-school friends and the new exciting and cool people I met, I miss dancing every other day, eating good food, the constant feeling of ease and leisure I had there. Not necessarily in that order.

It’s not all bad news, however. On the flip side, there are reasons I’m happy to be back and things I’ve been looking forward to: I get to see the rest of my family; I start working; I’m home, hanging stuff on the walls and watering the plants that miraculously survived my long absence and neglect; it’s been great catching up with friends whom I’m very excited to see and who seem genuinely happy to have me back. Also, I’ve missed being able to have a glass (or two) of good wine, perhaps more than I’d like to admit.

2 thoughts on “The winter of my [dis]content | Kuwait and Sofia, Bulgaria

  1. tarlink tarlink,

    i wish i had your problems…well no, one cannot have it all: seaside with mom and dog and granny’s cooking in dad’s company…
    one has to make choices in life! and as we saw (speaking of the miraculous new boots) you do need some improvement in that.

    anyway i hope at least that a certain belayed christmas gift would help to diversify and enrich your days in your and my home town sofia.
    we shall be waiting for its fruits to grow…

  2. I don’t usually like Uggs or Ugg-style boots, but I have to say, I am LOVING your “unfortunate” footwear in the second photo!

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