Mehndi | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

I’ve only been here a day and I’m already turning into a proper hippie. Mehndis – henna hand decorations, are nice, especially if you manage to not get the henna all over yourself and your clothes while it’s drying, as you’re simultaneously trying to take pictures, drink out of a freshly-hacked-opened coconut with a straw and stuff your face with naan, dosai with lentils and chutney.

Besides, unlike that tattoo, which seemed like a great idea when you were drunk and/or 16 and thought there was nothing cooler and deeper the Chinese symbols for ‘wisdom’ and ‘prosperity’, the mehndi doesn’t last nearly long enough to be regretted.

4 thoughts on “Mehndi | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

  1. Well in fact I really DO think that Chinese symbols for “wisdom” and “prosperity” are kind of cool. But even cooler is having the symbol for butterfly tattooed down your ass…so that one can see it just above the strip of the tanga string…

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