A Not-So-White Christmas | Salmiya, Kuwait

Though it seems a little strange to be celebrating Christmas in 20°C-weather among palm trees, I’m still essentially rocking the holiday spirit, which for me is being with family (and, in this case, dog), as well as (cheesiness alert!) feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside, regardless of whether there is a snow storm or a sand storm outside the window.

So…. Marry Christmas, wherever it finds you!

Before the end of the year, I’d like to catch up on the backlog of photos and stories that have accumulated in the past month or so, with the aim of starting the New Year with a fresh slate. They include (links will be activated as I post them):

• two guest posts: one with photos from my Brazilian friend Tiago, with his endless enthusiasm for and marvel at Bulgaria; and another from one of the 2Melinas, for our Cross Balkan Blogging project;

• the remaining posts from my trip around some of Central Europe’s capitals: in addition to Bratislava and Budapest, which are already up, I have photos and stories from Vienna and Berlin;

a surprise post!;

and a post on the first snow in Sofia.

Let’s see how much I manage to get done in the next five days, in between all the other things that keep me oh-so-busy, like eating, reading books, taking naps and hanging out with my parents, the dog and some high school friends, interspersed with plenty of coffee and tea breaks.

In the meantime, wishing you a similar type of productiveness. Enjoy the holidays!

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