In transit, again | Sofia, Munich, Vienna, Bratislava

Sofia Airport

Munich Airport

Vienna Airport

Turns out airport floors don’t offer much in terms of exciting surfaces to take pictures of. What they do offer is made even less exciting by me being rushed and using my phone, but in this case aesthetics fell victim to the need to simply document.

I’m well aware that setting foot in different cities’ airports hardly constitutes visiting those cities/countries. But the sucker in me (same one who this summer crossed over the border from Slovenia and entered Italy and Croatia, for 15 minutes and one hour respectively, just because I could) is quite proud of having set foot in four countries in the course of six hours. Admittedly though, the whole EU/Schengen thing doesn’t exactly make the crossing of borders spectacular anymore. And thank god for that!


Be that as it may, I’m now in Bratislava, which I’ve never been to before. Also, I keep calling Slovakia Slovenia by mistake. I guess all that coming and going there this summer wasn’t for nothing.

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