CBB*: all “equal”, some different | mali vrh and ljubljana, slovenia

The fine 2 Melinas and I have been a little sparse with our Cross Balkan Blogging* posts lately, but I am happy to report that a new one just reached me from Slovenia. As usual, it has some beautiful, and subtly funny photos, as well as a commentary that I bet a few of us out there can relate to. I know I do.

My latest post, on an entirely different topic, is also up. Enjoy!

looking at this photo, we come back to the theme that is around us a lot these days. we called it  “the martians, pretending to belong to this world”. trying to fit in somehow, in general, but not managing good. it happened often lately. when searching for a job, listening to the people on the street, reading about things around, … what the hell? are people serious by saying this? they mean it? how can it be, that the major opinion and the values are so different? when observing a bit how things work, how people function with each other … you really ask yourself who is crazy here: the ones that are prepared to take the job where not wearing jeans is more important then your skills and where blond girls named petra are in a better position or a few who say fuck this and go away. we sure know who is having better chances to get through “normal” life, but for what price? thanks, but no thanks.

The colors in ljubljana, however, were really nice last thursday.

* More about the Cross Balkan Blogging project and all posts from it.


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