Graffiti beneath my feet | Sofia, Bulgaria

Sunday afternoon was supposed to be spent at home, working and dealing with various piles (of clothes, magazines, books, dirty dishes) that have accumulated over the past week. Instead, it got much more exciting when I headed out to meet a friend for coffee and ended up running into an old acquaintance, browsing through a small design show, having lunch with my friend, meeting up with a new one, then getting some tea and, in the end, running into three more friends.

One of my favorite parts of the afternoon was asking the guy who was spray painting the floors of the bar where we were having tea to hold still, so I can take a picture of his hand without its getting blurry.* What can I say, sometimes I am brazen like that. Or maybe it was the spray-paint fumes that filled the bar and made me light-headed.

*Lesson learned: to always bring my camera along, so that I’m not forced to interrupt creative processes while trying to take a photo with my phone. Apologies for the low quality of the picture.


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