2:1 ratio, upstairs/downstairs* | Here, there and everywhere

The bad news is that I have returned to Bulgaria and the 2 Melinas stayed in Slovenia, so we find ourselves separated by much of the Balkans once again.

The good news is that we are continuing with our Cross Balkan Blogging project.

One joint post and some inspired (if not contest-winning) photos are already up on fine2meline, containing some important lessons on the perfect ratio for mixing wine with water and on why you should wait to catch the fish before putting the pan on the stove.

Also newly published is a guest post with a photo that one of the Melinas graciously contributed.

In addition, in case you’ve missed it, I posted a new story about getting a second chance to visit and walk through Ljubljana.

upstairs/downstairs is a direct and creative translation of the Bulgarian expression for ‘more or less’, which I find not only continuously hilarious, but also consistently useful to describe how things often have both a positive and a negative side.


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