Faith, Hope and Love | Sofia, Bulgaria

Today, the Eastern Orthodox Church marks the day of Saint Sophia and her three daughters Faith (Vyara), Hope (Nadezhda) and Love (Lyubov). I, on the other hand, am more readily celebrating the day of the city of Sofia.

It took a surge of inspiration, a ladder, a bit of creativity, some blind faith, a little hope and a lot of my sometimes wavering, but – when push comes to shove, unconditional love for Sofia – the city, to take this picture.

*This post is also a special shout-out to Nadeto, whose name day it is today, and who seems to be this blog’s most dedicated reader (Hi, Nade!)

10 thoughts on “Faith, Hope and Love | Sofia, Bulgaria

  1. as always very nice, very nice!
    and just to make this clear….i am also just as dedicated reader of your blog as nadeto, my dear kate!
    this is the only occasion where I can afford behaving under the motto “stillwaters run deep”… ;-)
    many hugs from your agent p. and co

  2. This is the cutest greeting ever :)
    Kate, I am sure you have many passionate readers, this blog is just so interesting, it brings my memories of visited places and makes me want to travel more and more to unknown amazing ones. Thank you so much!

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  4. hey! i was wondering, where was this picture taken? the view seems great and i’d like to go there. thanks :D

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