In transit | Munich, Germany

I’m usually not crazy about spending time at airports between flights, but it could sometimes be all right, especially if two conditions are met. Namely: a. if the day of the trip wasn’t preceded by a long sleepless night and b. if the airport is nice.

So, today I was in luck. Last night, I went to bed at a decent hour and this morning, I didn’t have to get up too early. Plus, the Munich Airport would be my top choice (and, apparently, that of millions of others) to spend a long layover.

Today, the six-hours of aimless strolling around, window-shopping and gawking at fellow passengers were interspersed with several coffee breaks, lunch, an impulse buy, two snacks and even a 15-minute massage. And, of course, taking pictures of the ground beneath my feet.

I also had time to think about the trip that is just ending and lessons learned from it that will, without a doubt, prove to be extremely useful in the future. In no particular order they are as follows:

Overrated: sleeping in your own bed, in sheets and with a pillow, or for that matter in a room with less than 50 other people
Underrated: several glasses of wine in the evening, earplugs for the night and coffee in the morning

Overrated: good weather at the seaside
Underrated: the fun things that can be done if it rains during a holiday on the beach (see this)

Overrated: well-watered, living plants at home
Underrated: spontaneously picking up my bags and getting an unexpected second chance to see and hang out with cool kids

Overrated: national borders
Underrated: crossing them just to have a special soup and some delicious cookies served with your coffee

There are other things, too, but I am now too tired from all the fun I had in Munich to list them.

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