Being careful what I wish for | Izola, Slovenia

The first day after I arrived in Izola, on Slovenia’s short but charming Adriatic coast, the sky opened up and it seemed like all the rain in the world poured out onto the little quaint town. The narrow, stone-covered streets became impossible-to-cross rivers, the sky was a foreboding shade of gray and the wind found ways to get under and through all the layers of clothes, scarves and hat that I had wrapped myself in, and pierced my skin.

Although I am usually happy to be on the coast when the weather is bad – as I don’t see the appeal of sitting on the beach and baking in the sun amidst hoards of tourists and screaming children, this time I was annoyed that my time at the seaside would be ruined and kept hoping that the bad weather would only last for a short spell.

The next day, we came up with an idea to shoot a small video based on the access we had to empty movie theaters and the premise of the disappointment of being at the seaside when the weather is bad. And then, the gloomy clouds started to let up and the waiting started. Just as I had wished that it would stop the day before, I now found myself hopefully looking at the sky, praying it would rain. Instead, it just got better and better each day, the wind subsided and the sun shone more and more brightly.

On the last day, after shooting an adjusted version of the film (minus the rain), half-disappointed and half-happy, I lay in the sun on the wood-covered platform by the sea, and reminded myself to be careful what I wish for. Because I just might get it.


One thought on “Being careful what I wish for | Izola, Slovenia

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