À la recherche du temps perdu | Izola, Slovenia

As part of the Kino Otok film festival’s program “Open Book: literature in the streets and on the screens,” parts of Marcel Proust’s novel In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower were placed around the town – in the form of writings on the sidewalks, posters, graffiti and coffee house readings.

While trying to understand the texts, since they were in Slovenian, I sometimes cheated by adding a few letters here and there to make new meanings, with varying degrees of success. In this case, “which was swimming” became “ekaterina was swimming.”

Speaking of Proust (as I usually do all the time – over a glass of absinthe and amid clouds of almost impenetrable cigarette smoke), I just found out about an expression, which describes something I have experienced occasionally but never knew what to call.  Stemming from Proust’s novel À la recherche du temps perdu, the so-called “episode of the madeleine,” which is a traditional French sponge cake, is used to refer to the instance when the taste, smell, sight or sound of something brings a memory of the past in a sudden, involuntary flash.


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