Attention: Déjà vu | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Exactly two weeks after leaving Slovenia (complete with almost teary goodbyes, as I was not making any plans to come back any time soon), I found myself at the Ljubljana airport again.

I had the strangest kind of déjà vu – both expected and surprising, homely and unsettling, exciting and serene.

I couldn’t stay away, apparently.

So, I am now reunited with my favorite Trška Gora crew and ready for new sparks, outdoor adventures, joint projects, language misunderstandings, film screenings, sleeping, waking, eating and working in close quarters. This time, I’m heading to Izola, on the Adriatic coast, for the Kino Otok film festival.

At the airport, another meaning of the word pozor – which has proven to be a source of continuous entertainment with its multiple related, yet contrasting meanings in different Slavic languages, caught up with me again. The Bulgarian ‘disgrace’, apparently, is the Slovenian ‘attention’.


One thought on “Attention: Déjà vu | Ljubljana, Slovenia

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