Transient Spaces Summer Camp | Palanga, Lithuania

When I got to Lithuania’s Baltic Sea resort of Palanga, already quite deserted at the beginning of September, I didn’t really know what to expect. What I discovered was an oddly serene combination of Soviet leftovers with a Scandinavian feel. The kind of nature and atmosphere that, especially at that time of year, was in sharp contrast with Bulgaria’s noisy, sweltering and bustling Black Sea coast where I had just come from.

My reason for going to Palanga was a bit unusual as well: to take part in a week-long summer camp for young contemporary artists, curators, writers, academics and journalists dealing with issues of tourism and migration. As a group of around 30 people from all over Europe and the US, we spent our days in the formerly state-run vacation base for Lithuanian artists– attending workshops, eating heavy food, or just mulling around on the shady grass outside. In the evening, we would organize dance parties in the adjacent two-floor building that held two large studios and then, fueled by Lithuanian vodka, go run around on the windy beach. But most of all, we talked and talked and talked… and at the end of it all, my head was swarming with new ideas, excitement and inspiration for new projects.

This picture was taken during the camp’s final day, when we all gathered in the one of the studios and presented the results of our week-long endeavors. In retrospect, it reminds me of some of the thoughts about transience and the crossing of borders that were going around my head at the time.


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